Internet Marketing Cardiff

If you are a company based in Cardiff, you have probably wondered where is the best place to find companies that specialise in internet marketing. When building a new website, or reviewing an existing site, it is imperative to look at various elements of internet marketing, because internet marketing consists of three main elements:

• Search Engine Optimisation or SEO
• Pay Per Click Management or PPC
• Email Marketing

The most successful campaigns will include all three elements because that way, the optimum coverage is achieved. One can look at Search Engine Optimisation as investment in the website, Pay per click advertising as an advertising cost, and email marketing as a split between a good customer relations exercise between existing customers, and viral marketing for attracting new customers as well. Remember, the search engines cannot read pictures, so if you have a fancy design with lots of pictures and not much copy, you may be wondering why the search engines do not feature your site much.

Have a look at the entries on this website, they have been vetted by us, and will be able to steer you in the right direction

Internet Marketing Cardiff





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